About Us
We are not ashamed to be called "Christian" and we do not take the name lightly.


Totally Tan & More offers a variety of in-door tanning equipment featuring high-pressure, low-pressure, and medium-pressure tanning units. This allows our clients a greater selection of tanning choices while balancing the costs.With the choice of month packages, point packages, or individual sessions you can design the plan that is perfect for your budget. Please stop by for a brochure listing our packages.

UltraBronze High Pressure 
     24 minutes full session (12 minutes each side) / 120 points
 SunCapsule (VHR standup - Medium Pressure)     
9 minutes full session

MegaSpeed Medium Pressure 
    12 minutes full session

Cyberdome Low Pressure      
20 minutes full session

SunStar Low Pressure 
    20 minutes full sessions


SunVision LX Low Pressure     
20 minutes session

Legacy Leg Tanner  Low Pressure  
10 minutes full session 



heated 'Dry' water massage



The Hydromassage Unit promotes a variety of physiological effects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This stress reducer is a luxurious way to end any day or begin one. The heated massage can be controlled to the pressure of massage that you desire.  

We also have spaces available for lease for Independent Contractors offering hair and nail services. These professionals are eager to pamper you and will gladly discuss your desires for the services they offer. If you would like us to introduce you, please let us know. There is never any pressure on our clients.

Current Businesses within TT&M

Amanda Wetherington - Shear Beauty - 626-2322

Brielle Jackson - Breeze - 258-7797

Sherri Blanton, Aesthetician (Skin Care & Lymphatic Massage) - 670-3029


(We have spaces available for other sylists and nail tech. Call or come by to see.)

Lotions are important to tanning skin to help restore and maintain balance. Moist skin will tan better and hold a tan longer. We maintain a variety of the best lotions available in the market for our customers to choose from. When we receive discounts from our suppliers it is passed to our customers.


We are also Mary Kay Beauty consultants, Shaklee Vitamins, & Nature's Sunshine Retailer. Whether you would like to privately shop our inventor or set-up a party in our salon, we will gladly discuss this with you. We have been certified in vitamin training and ready to discuss a vitamin plan to help enhance your lifestyle. Ask us about either of these services.


Though we are far from perfect, we are sinners SAVED by Jesus' grace and mercy. We are available to pray with anyone when wanted. We will not preach to you but will gladly share the Gospel if allowed. It is never our intent to push our beliefs on you but will gladly share them. We wish for all people to receive the wonderful grace gift of Jesus Christ.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world, and them that dwell therein...Who is the King of Glory? The Lord of Host, He is the King of Glory. Selah          Psalm 14: 1, 10